We at Wootu Nutrition introduced body Sculpting Programmes owing to a huge demand from clients for advanced body fat loss, body contouring and spot reduction treatments. The latest, scientifically proven, FDA cleared, Non-invasive, painless methods to eliminate the stubborn body fat are put effective use to help our clients get back to their best contoured shape. Best body contouring in Chennai is right here in all our four branches in Anna Nagar, Porur, Tambaram and OMR- Perungudi

What We Do?

Adding contouring to our arsenal along with our strong nutrition base, we have become a one stop solution for healthy weight loss, fitness, fat loss, slimming and shaping. We accelerate your nutrition and fitness through international quality fat loss treatments in Chennai, carried out by qualified, well-trained panel of experts only. If you are looking for the best slimming centre near you, your search ends here with Wootu.

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How it works?



Our well trained experts assess your body type through sophisticated techniques and methods



Based on the assessment results, our therapists curate a plan with the right combination of treatments



Let go of not only your stubborn fat but also your worries about the undesired body fat

What to expect?

Wootu has a Plethora of body contouring solutions to help our clients achieve the desired results.

  • Deep heat therapy is scientifically proven to eliminate body fat, reduce cortisol levels, relaxes muscle and alleviates chronic pain.
  • Cryolipolysis (Cool Sculpting) is an advanced treatment that utilizes freezing technology to destroy fat. The probes can be used to eliminate fat in areas like arms, abdomen, thighs
  • Basic Ultrasound treatment includes ultrasonic liposuction, cavitation,radio frequency which relies on sound energy that would empty the lipid from the cell.These cost-effective treatments are for someone who is looking to say bye-bye to double chin, belly bulge, love handles, saddlebags, flank hump, muffin top, banana rolls to name a few
  • Antioxidant treatments use natural in-house ingredients like green coffee, sea algae, honey, aloevera, pine bark extracts, bentonite clay etc., These ingredients are effective for toning, firming, stretch mark reductions and cellulite reductions.
  • Ultra-Shape up is an advanced global cutting-edge technology based on ultra sound energy for fat loss. It uses sound energy to destroy the selectively targeted fat cells. This is “the treatment” for those looking for spot reduction of stubborn fat in difficult areas. This is a miracle method for people who are unable to come back to their genetic contour despite proper nutrition and workout. Ultra-shape up is ideal for new moms and women with hormonal imbalance who find it extremely back breaking to lose fat around the stubborn areas. Works well with men for their stubborn belly fat as well. Now you know the address for Tummy reduction in Chennai
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  • Fat loss, inch loss, spot reduction, body shaping
  • Toning, anti-cellulite, Firming, Toning
  • Increase in Basal Metabolic rate
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Muscle Stretches performed helps in relaxing the muscle and prevents stiffness
  • Helps in regularizing sleep
  • Reduces the cortisol level; relives anxiety; prevents stress induced hyper tension
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what people say about us


I would like to thank the therapists for some amazing therapy sessions. They helped me reduce 8 kgs in 5 weeks entirely through their therapies. The diet plans that Wootu had provided was simple and easy to follow, but what truly helped me progress were the therapies. Completely manual and extremely well-executed, I’m really happy with the results that I’ve seen after every session. Very happy with the service. I am still following the diet chart which Wootu had suggested and my weight loss journey is still on. Keep up the good work Wootu.


Abhinaya, Architect