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Everybody is unique and so are everyone’s weight loss needs. Our tailor-made weight loss programs are designed specifically for each client, and our diet counselling supports the program to ensure the results. With a 97% success rate, we boast to offer the best diet counselling for weight loss in Chennai.

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A one-on-one diet counselor in Chennai with our nutritionist covers body Composition Analysis, Nutritional Status & Requirement, Medical History, Lifestyle & Dietary Screening. The best weight loss clinic in Chennai for your weight loss diet plans is right here.


Tailor Made Diet Plans

We provide simple, convenient, practical, and flexible best diet counseling plans matching the body types, goals, requirements and cooking style which assure long-lasting positive results


App Based Tracking

Our Wootu App enables you to track progress toward your nutrition, weight loss, fitness, water and sleep goals. The diet clinic on your mobile app is like having a nutritionist, fitness coach, meal planner and food diary with you at all times.

What to expect?

Personalised Nutrition Solutions To Achieve Your Health Goals


You achieve fat loss and gain lean mass, but it doesn’t stop with that. The diet at Wootu helps you to live longer, regularize your menstrual cycle, support fertility, strengthen bones, boost immunity, and keep your skin younger and clearer. Lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Keto diet plans, keto recipes, low-carb diet plans, all these should be designed to perfection by the best dietician in Chennai. Stop looking elsewhere beyond Wootu’s nutritionists and diet counselling doctors in all four Chennai branches.

What People Say About Us


I struggled with managing my weight for 2 years, but Wootu's diet counseling changed everything for me. Their personalized approach helped me to understand my body needs and provided me with a tailored diet plan. Thanks to their expert guidance, I not only lost weight but also gained a healthier relationship with food. Highly recommended.

Vijay Krishna
Software Engineer, CTS image

Wootu's diet counseling program has been a game-changer for me. The dietitian Ms.Ramya at Wootu not only educated me about proper nutrition but also taught me how to make sustainable dietary choices. Their support and motivation kept me on track, and I reduced my weight 7kgs in a month. I'm grateful to Wootu for helping me transform my lifestyle!

Brindha S
Homemaker image

Wootu's diet counseling program exceeded my expectations. I have got valuable nutrition counseling but also helped me to develop a positive mindset towards a healthy lifestyle. The personalized attention and ongoing support made all the difference in my weight loss journey. Highly recommended!

Sri Mathi
Fashion Designer, Myntra image
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