What We Do?

Online Nutrition Counselling with a Nutritionist That’s Personalized, Thorough & Supportive

At Wootu, we have a dedicated team of online nutritionists who provide personalized nutrition counselling via video-conferencing. Each one of our virtual nutritionists has her own areas of specialization, enabling you to receive help that’s tailored to your specific nutrition and health needs. Our Wootu very own App enables you to view our tailor-made diet plans, recipes and fitness plan. You can also record and track your life style discipline, keep water and sleep reminder. Our clients, predominantly NRIs, are from all over the world – India (non Chennai), USA, UK, Germany, Middle East, Singapore & Australia.

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Benefits of Counselling with An Online dietitain in Chennai

  • Easy access to a wider pool of expert dietitians and nutritionists
  • App based tracking – Wootu’s indigenous in-house App
  • Flexible appointments as per different time zones
  • No commuting
  • Greater privacy
  • Familiar surroundings in the comfort of your home
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Why Work With Our Online Nutritionist in Chennai?

  • Wootu’s online dieticians understands your Indian cuisine preferences
  • We also understand your abroad food ingredients availability
  • Over 10000 clients handled from abroad
  • Select from a diverse team of highly qualified and specialized nutritional practitioners
  • Experience and expertise in conducting online nutrition counselling sessions
  • Trusted by doctors and other medical professionals
  • Personalized, thorough & supportive sessions
  • Educational and engaging online nutritional counselling
  • Exceptional client service and feedback
  • Guaranteed results
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Other Services Offered

Diet counselling

Get a diet plan that suits your body!

There are a plethora of diet programmes to select from, but how do you know which one is best for you and your body type? That is why you require our experts.

what people say about us


Wootu is simply the best there is, they know just the right thing to do. I consulted them virtually for weight loss and the she gave me a perfect plan which helped me lose weight. I lost 8.8 Kgs in 12 weeks and I am happy with my results. I live in Dubai and she carefully personalized the diet plan to suit the Indian Palette. She does a phenomenal job at giving a sustainable lifestyle diet. I get to eat everything but in controlled proportion.


Balaji, Developer


Wootu’s virtual services are a boon to Indians having moved abroad. Their consultation was wonderful and when we told them we’d like to tailor our diet plan to Indian food, they were most helpful. They developed a sustainable diet plan for me. Usually, the word diet brings a grumpy expression to our faces. I wondered whether it can be followed, whether we will need to stop eating all the food ( especially Indian food) we like and so on. However, with Dr. Preeti’s personalized plan, and weekly follow ups, the diet is easily followable and sustainable. Results are impeccable.


Praveen, Auditor