Sustainable Weight Loss with Weekly Detoxification Program in Chennai

Our Detox program is a tried and tested structured protocol that enables you to manage chronic metabolic symptoms, brings harmony in hormones, and soothes your gut. A weekly once detoxification for a period of 3 to 6 months helps in restoring the natural gut dynamics that allow you to attain a sustainable and long-lasting detox program in Chennai resulting in weight loss.

We provide a detox kit every week with six bottles of cold-pressed fruits and vegetable juices infused with a concoction made from sixteen different types of natural spices, herbs and microgreens. Our nutritionist will provide you with clear instructions on what to consume the entire day apart from detox. The best detox treatment in Chennai is right here.

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How does it work?



Our detoxification doctors in Chennai assess your body conditions and confirm if you are suitable for the detoxification process and help you subscribe to a minimum 12 weeks detox program


Drink @ Home

We deliver 6 bottles of carefully made 100% natural detox juices to your doorstep once a week. Drink them instead of breakfast and lunch


Flush’em Out

This weekly detoxification therapy routine for 12 weeks flushes out your toxins. Become lighter, healthier and younger. Extend your healthy living days by a few more years

Who Should Take this Programme?


If you’re suffering from

Gastrointestinal issues like reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, allergies and fatigue

If you are not improving on antacids and laxatives

Hormonal imbalances and auto-immune conditions

Stress, Anxiety, and depression

If you have a weakened immune system

If you aren’t losing weight for a long time (Plateau breaking weight loss)

The Body's Natural Detoxification Treatment in Chennai


Detox is being followed for centuries by many cultures around the world. Detoxification is all about resting and nourishing the body from the inside out. The detoxification center in Chennai involves a process in which we feed your body with natural and healthy nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants. The result of the detox diet is to protect you from disease. Body detoxification eliminates toxins through the liver, kidney, intestine, lungs, and lymphatic system but when these systems are compromised, the impurities stay within the body and cause illness. That’s when the detox diet comes into play by eliminating the toxins from each cell. Wootu’s detox program has no chemicals, no tablets, and nothing artificial. It’s just natural foods like fruits and herbs. Don’t forget, the 6 bottles of detox juices are as yummy as they can get

Key elements of Wootu’s Detox Plans :
  • Dr. Preeti curated diet food
  • 4 weeks detox kits (naturally cold pressed Detox drinks)
  • Unlimited clinic access
  • Unlimited access to dietitian
  • App-based tracking

Benefits & Results:

Purifies your body

Improved skin

Clearer thinking

Promotes weight loss

What People Say About Us


I recently completed a detox program with Wootu, and the results were incredible. Not only did I experience weight loss, but I also felt a renewed sense of energy and vitality. The detox Kit was well-designed to my needs, and the support from the Wootu team was exceptional. I highly recommend their detox program to anyone looking to jumpstart their health journey!.

Abhilash Venkat
Business Entrepreneur image

Wootu's detox program was a transformative experience for me. The program not only helped me eliminate toxins from my body but also educated me about healthy eating habits. The detox recipes provided were delicious and satisfying, and the personalized guidance from the Wootu experts made the process smooth and enjoyable. I feel rejuvenated and motivated to continue living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, Wootu!

Actress image

Being an athlete it’s essential to keep my body brisk. But I had been feeling sluggish and bloated for many months, and that's when I decided to try Wootu's detox program referred by my friend. The program was well-structured and provided me with a clear roadmap to cleanse my body. Throughout the program, I felt supported and guided by the team at Wootu. By the end of the detox, I noticed improved digestion, increased mental clarity, and a significant boost in my overall well-being. Wootu's detox program is truly life-changing!

Karthik Krishna
Athlete image
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